See what Genesis friends are saying...

This was the first time I got out among other singles since the death of my husband a year ago. I had forgotten what it was like to laugh. I enjoyed talking with friends who identified with some of the struggles I’m facing.”
— Kathy
My divorce was only finalized a few months ago. I thought I would feel awkward being around other people but I found that there were so many people just like me at the Genesis group. We are all discovering our ‘new normal’. It helps to walk through these challenging times together with a friend instead of being all alone. Plus, I found that there really is laughter and joy even after some of the most horrific pain I’ve ever experienced.
— Beth
I have been divorced for over five years but it was only in the last few months once I found Genesis that I began to “embrace my singleness”. My married friends aren’t seeing as much of me now but I’m really enjoying getting to know other singles my age. It’s changing my life.
— Shelly
I’ve never been married. I was afraid Genesis would be another place where all the singles wanted to do was date or find someone of the opposite sex. I was thrilled at what I experienced. Every event or Bible Study was always honoring to God and a place for friends to have a good time. I was relieved and felt so comfortable.
— Heather
The last couple of years have been depressing. I spent too much time at home and away from people. That was doubly difficult because I really am a people person and thrive among friends. Even though I’ve been hurt by people, I feel comfortable with my friends at Genesis because so many have been through the same pain I have. It’s been great sharing our experiences with one another and holding each other up in prayer as we walk together in this journey.
— Brian
I’ve been single for nearly 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of singles groups and have been terribly disappointed by most of them. I just got a bad health diagnosis though and was looking to find some friends that would be an encouragement to me while I faced my health challenge. I found just that at Genesis. Everyday I have someone agree with me in prayer about my need. The Bible Studies are relevant to my every day life and it seems like someone is always texting me a word of encouragement. I don’t know what I would do without my Genesis friends!
— Jacob